Calendar & Studio Happenings




We have downsized the space of our studio.
Although Walk-Ins are welcome during these posted hours, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU MAKE A RESERVATION due to limited seating!

We now have a studio fee. It's $5 person ... painter/non-painter. When making a reservation you will pay this studio fee to secure your seat(s). If you come as a walk-in customer, you'll be charged the $5 fee at check out. 

1. You get a 2 hour time slot of your choice with an additional 15 mins to allow you time to pick your project. If you need more than 2 hours, you'll reserve a second time slot and will pay another $5 studio fee.  
2. If you are late ... if you do not call, you have until 15 mins AFTER your reserved time. If you do not show up, unfortunately we will give your table to any walk-in customer. We are unable to refund the reservation/studio fee in this case. If you do show up, your time ends at the reserved time you agreed to. If there are plenty of seats available, we will let you extend your time a bit. 


1. Many of you drive a long distance to paint. We would hate to have you show up and there not be a table available. That's why we recommend making a reservation. However, if you choose to come on a walk-in basis and we are full, we'd be happy to take your name and number and alert you when your table is ready. 
2. Unfortunately, due to the size of the studio, we cannot allow you to "kill time" by looking around the studio ... as we are quite small (as you'll find out). 

We don't like changes, but had to go this route. NONE-THE-LESS ...we think you'll find your painting experience just as amazing as it was in the past!