Give Clay a try!

Right now we offer clay only during classes. 
If you'd like a private lesson, contact Nancy to make a reservation.

Private lessons are $10-15 + cost of your project (depending on how much instruction is needed).

The Process:
1. Create your project.
2. Paint it the same day (talk to us about this first) or leave it so we can bisque fire it.
3. Dry time will be 7-10 days depending on the season.
4. We will fire it in the kiln.
5. You'll come back and paint as you wish (if you didn't paint it earlier).
6. We'll fire it one more time then you'll pick it up.

See a project in our studio that you'd like to do,
but you can't make it for a class?
Contact Nancy, gather 5+ friends and schedule a date.
She'll give you a private class for free!