Pottery Painting

This is what our studio is all about!

We love that we can take the least creative person (their opinion) and turn them into an "artist". We have a lot of samples that you can copy or feel free to bring in your own ideas! Choose from our large selection of pottery items. We have everything from mugs, bowls, and plates to whimsical figurines, banks, and boxes. We have something for everyone!!!

Quick Answers to the Things We Get Asked Most Often:

1. No appointment needed unless you have a large group. Just come in during posted business hours.

2. Our glaze is non-toxic, which means it's safe for everyone, even kiddos!

3. This is not acrylic paint. Even though we tend to call it "paint", we use a glaze that easily washes off clothing!

4. Yes, your finished pottery piece will be food safe! We want you to use that masterpiece you created!


How it works

1. Select Your Piece

We have HUNDREDS of items to choose from. If you haven't been to our studio before, we recommend that you allow some extra time for the "choosing what to do" part of your visit!

We offer mugs, plates, bowls, platters, banks, kitchen items, kid items, holiday goodies and much more!

Our studio is "all -inclusive" which mean there is no extra charge for a studio/sitting fee. The price that you pay (plus tax) includes everything from the piece you choose, the supplies you'll use, the glaze you'll paint with and the dipping/firing process done by us.

If you want us to do certain writing on your piece or custom work, there is a small additional fee for this. But pretty much, how it works is ... the price you see on the pottery piece is that plus tax.

Prices start at $10 (we do have some small items less that than) and can go up to $100. $15-30 will give you a wonderful selection to choose from.

2. Paint Your Pottery

You do not have to be an artistic or be "crafty" in order to make something awesome in our studio. We pride ourselves in having the tips and tricks to make it as easy as possible for our customers. We like to say "If you can hold a brush and follow directions, you'll be just fine!"

We have a LOT of samples to get inspiration from. We, also, welcome you to bring in your own ideas! Pinterest is your friend! We offer a variety of fun techniques like silk screens, paper stickers, tracing paper, tape, and bubbles - just to name a few.

We are here to help! If you need us to help you through each step, no problem! Feel like you can handle it on your own? Great! Either way, our staff is eager to help you if you need it!

3. We Fire It - The Magic Happens

When you are finished, you'll leave your pottery piece AND the mess on the table. We'll do the cleaning up for you!

Your piece will NOT have brilliant colors and a pretty shine. That's where we come in!

We hand glaze each piece and fire them in our kilns. It's a process that isn't as simple as it sounds. Pottery will be ready to be picked up in 7 days. Allow for a few days more during the holiday season.