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Hey there! We are happy you have an interest in our products! We love our silkscreens and are confident you will too! 

Our screens are thicker than most others. They are super sturdy. If you haven't tried our screens out, we'd be glad to mail you a little sample!

Here's what we'd like you to know about our screens ...

First they can be used dry, like other screens. HOWEVER, we prefer to use them after we dampen them to activate the grip that's on the back of the screen.

We ship our screen in a clear plastic sleeve with a cover sheet. 

We ship orders within 3 days of when you place your order. You'll have the option for Standard shipping or Priority. If you are a CCSA Member, please contact us for a code for FREE SHIPPING!

Here's our recommended instructions for use:

1. WET the screen first. Dry both sides with a paper towel. Let the screen air dry for a minute or two. Test on a tile, until you figure out how dry it needs to be before screening on a pottery piece. You'll get the hang of this quickly. If it's too dry, the glaze will seep under the screen.

2. AFTER YOU USE THE SCREEN - (super important!) .. .either set it to the side and wash later (it's OK if the glaze dries on the screen) ... OR wash immediately, pat dry and lay TOP SIDE DOWN, sticky (back) side up. Either way, don't place the screen where anything can touch it or as it dries, it will stick and could ruin the screen design. If you get screens stuck, soak in a dishpan and gently pull apart (and hope for the best). 

3. The screen may curl after it dries. The plastic sleeve (included with your order) will keep it flat.


* If you are mass producing, you'll be able to get MANY uses out of your screen between washings! Time saver!

* Play around with the thickness of your glaze mixture. What brand of powder mixture and what glaze you use does make a difference. You'll find what works well by adding more glaze or more powder. Too thick of glaze might resist your dipping glaze and the lines might "crawl" - pull away during the firing process. 

* It's OK to cut your screens, especially if there are multiple designs on one screen. This is a personal preference, of course! If you do cut your screens, we recommend that you give your screens a code (on each screen and on the cover sheet) so it's easy for you to keep organized!

Silkscreens are a GREAT addition to studios! They are an investment - so take good care of them and you'll get long-lasting use out of them AND you'll have customers that will keep coming back for more! Lucky for you, we can help you out in that department! 

BTW, we do CUSTOM SCREENS! Contact us for more information.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Nancy... yourartsdesire@yahoo.com, or you can text her at 417-349-2248.