Project: Winter Birch - Red Bird
Project: Winter Birch - Red Bird

Project: Winter Birch - Red Bird

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This is a step-by-step project with detailed pictures. It is written in a way that if you give these pages to your customers they will need little to probably no help - which makes this great for walk in customers and/or Pottery-to-Go projects.

It's a great project for kiddos AND adults.

For the bird ... you can do a fingerprint (shown), or paint in a bird. This would make a great family project, adding birds for each person.

Intended For: sample making, classes, walk-in customers, pottery-to-go.

What Your Download Includes:
1. Detailed Step by Step instructions with pictures

2. List of supplies/colors we used

3. Tips and tricks throughout the project - as if Nancy is teaching you in a class

4. THREE PICTURES - three staged pictures for studio use - 2 have room for studio information that can be added.


We cover a variety of techniques using items you typically carry in your studio. Branching out and teaching techniques empowers even those "I'm not creative" customers. This brings them back to try other projects, bigger projects ... not your basic "add a color here" pieces of pottery. This in turn makes your studio more money.

The technique(s) for the project is listed under the title of your project sheet (download).

Don't let the amount of steps in the project scare you. We have broken this project down in easy to follow/understand steps with the mindset that your customer is going to read this.

We suggest you put our projects in plastic sleeves in a binder so your customers can flip through for ideas, pull out the project they want to do and create something fun with great success. 

Intended for studio use. Copyright - not for resale.